Patenting Improved Articles That Use Proprietary 3rd Party Materials

Under U.S. law, improved articles of manufacture may be patentable if they are novel and non-obvious. Sometimes, an inventor comes up with a new article that is faster, stronger, more flexible, more rigid, lighter, etc. by using new materials to make the article. If the article has never been made with those materials, and if…

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Strategies for Keeping Your Patent Applications on Track

In February, I wrote a post called “Have You Checked Your Pending Patent Applications Lately”.  The post concerned the evolving nature of technology as products are commercialized and the need to ensure that pending patent applications remain relevant and tuned to the products they are intended to cover. Some time later, I was contacted by…

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Are You Sure You Own That Technology?

So, you hired a brilliant engineer to design a new medical device for your company.  He used your computers, your staff, your vendors, your testing equipment, and developed it on “company time.”  He received the salary that was agreed-upon for his efforts. The device looks promising.  It could be a real game-changer.  Realizing this, your…

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