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Have You Checked Your Pending Patent Applications Lately?

When is the last time you took a look at the claims of your patent applications that are still pending?  Was it when you filed the applications?  How long ago was that?  If you are waiting for a first office action from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, it may have been over...

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Licensing Your Patents—The Dangers of Declaratory Judgment Actions

It is the great hope of most patent holders to sit back and collect royalty checks, hopefully with as little expense and difficulty as possible. Enforcing patents is difficult, time consuming, and expensive, so many patent holders hope to convince infringers to pay them for the use of their inventions without going to...

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How Can They Get a Patent On That?—Invalidating Patents

“How can they get a patent on that”?  This is a question I’ve heard countless times from clients after receiving a cease and desist letter threatening to sue them for patent infringement.  Patent examination is ex parte, so only the applicant and the examiner are involved.  The examiner is the gate keeper of...

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Planning Your Foreign Patent Portfolio—The Strict Original Disclosure Requirement

When planning your strategy and budgeting for foreign patenting, it is important to at least be aware of some critical differences between U.S. patent law and foreign patent law.  One such critical difference concerns the “original disclosure” requirement in foreign countries.  This requirement dictates that your claims not go beyond the original disclosure from your...

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Industry Focus: Strategies for Patenting Cosmetics

Cosmetic products often involve “formulation chemistry,” which is the chemistry of combining various compounds with different functions to achieve an overall desired effect.  This contrasts with “new molecule” chemistry in which patent protection is sought for new chemical species, such as in the case of typical pharmaceutical patents. In many or most cases, a new cosmetic...

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