The Business of Patents

Recommended Reading - The Anatomy of a Patent Case

Patent litigation is unlike any other civil litigation.  Most civil litigation involves a cause of action, such as negligence or fraud, with a series of elements that must be met in order to win.  Patent litigation can be thought of in these terms, but it also involves claim construction proceedings, the doctrine of equivalents and...

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Sprechen Sie Patent? Learning How to Speak “Patent”

We have observed many instances in which clients and patent attorneys communicate with one another like “two ships passing in the night” because they operate from different paradigms when speaking about patent issues.  Such miscommunications may often go unnoticed and uncorrected.   Of course, this can result in bad business decisions and other problems depending on...

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Have You Considered Design Patents?

Design patents can be a powerful, and often underutilized tool, for protecting your products and market position. Design patents protect the ornamental features (think appearance) of an article of manufacture, as opposed to protecting its structure and function. Some items are obvious candidates for design patents because consumers are primarily attracted to them based on...

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Welcome to the Business of Patents!

Hansen IP Law PLLC is pleased to launch our blog, entitled "the Business of Patents." Our focus here will be to discuss the topics that seem to be of frequent interest to clients and also to address the development and enforcement of patent portfolios from a client's perspective, as opposed to that of a...

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