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Have You Checked Your Pending Patent Applications Lately?

When is the last time you took a look at the claims of your patent applications that are still pending?  Was it when you filed the applications?  How long ago was that?  If you are waiting for a first office action from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, it may have been over two years…

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Industry Focus: Strategies for Patenting Cosmetics

Cosmetic products often involve “formulation chemistry,” which is the chemistry of combining various compounds with different functions to achieve an overall desired effect.  This contrasts with “new molecule” chemistry in which patent protection is sought for new chemical species, such as in the case of typical pharmaceutical patents. In many or most cases, a new…

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Have You Considered Design Patents?

Design patents can be a powerful, and often underutilized tool, for protecting your products and market position. Design patents protect the ornamental features (think appearance) of an article of manufacture, as opposed to protecting its structure and function. Some items are obvious candidates for design patents because consumers are primarily attracted to them based on…

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