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Defending the Patent Case: Using Section 112 Defenses Against Overly Broad Claims

Many, if not most, patent infringement lawsuits involve a patent owner asserting that its claims cover accused products that differ from the specifically described embodiments in the patent at issue. Patent owners typically want their claims construed broadly by the court so that they “read on” or encompass the defendant’s accused products.  Depending on the nature…

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Why Do I Need All These Details to Get a Patent?

Lately we have been working some inventors who are newer to the patent process, and they are often concerned about providing details about the embodiments of their inventions. Their concern is that when we ask for this information, it means we are narrowing the scope of their invention.   However, that is not the case. We…

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What Limitations Are There on the Breadth of Otherwise Novel and Non-Obvious Patent Claims?

Clients are often surprised and perplexed at the breadth of patent claims their competitors obtain because they seem to go well beyond the descriptions and examples in their patents.  In our experience, patent lawsuits typically involve situations where the accused product is not specifically described in the specification of the asserted patent yet the patent…

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