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Design Patents Versus Utility Patents

Clients often ask about the differences between design and utility patents. The phrase “design patent” confuses some people because in everyday usage, the term “design” frequently connotes the structure, function, and properties of a product.  Not so with design patents. Design patents protect the “ornamental appearance” of an article of manufacture. Utility patents protect the…

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How Long Will it Take Me to Get a Patent?

Clients often want to know how long it will take them to get a patent.  Of course, whether they get one at all will depend on whether their invention is novel and non-obvious as well as how broadly their claims are drafted.  However, those questions aside, there is also the issue of how quickly the…

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Have You Considered Design Patents?

Design patents can be a powerful, and often underutilized tool, for protecting your products and market position. Design patents protect the ornamental features (think appearance) of an article of manufacture, as opposed to protecting its structure and function. Some items are obvious candidates for design patents because consumers are primarily attracted to them based on…

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