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How to Get Technical Help Without Losing Your Patent Rights

I want to talk to you today about how to get technical help for your business without losing your patent rights. I want to start out with a quiz. Let’s say you have an employee and that employee does some technical work and ends up developing a patentable invention. Who owns the rights that patentable…

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Patentability Searches versus “Right to Use” Searches

Clients often ask us to perform patentability searches to determine whether it’s worth seeking a patent for an invention. The focus of a patentability search is to determine if an invention is novel, i.e., whether all of its features have been disclosed in a single prior art reference. The purpose of a patentability search is…

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How to Protect Slogans

I know this blog is called “The Business of Patents,” but this is a trademark post. One thing a lot of people seem to be interested in is how to protect slogans. They want to know how to protect those catchy phrases you hear sometimes like, Nike’s “Just do it”, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “It’s Finger…

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