Strategies for Keeping Your Patent Applications on Track

Portfolio Management
"Strategies for Keeping Your Patent Applications on Track"

In February, I wrote a post called Have You Checked Your Pending Patent Applications Lately.  The post concerned the evolving nature of technology as products are commercialized and the need to ensure that pending patent applications remain relevant and tuned to the products they are intended to cover.

Some time later, I was contacted by the editor of “IP Management & Valuation” to write a more detailed article on patent portfolio management.  The article, called “Strategies for Keeping Your Patent Applications on Track” was published in this month’s issue.  For a copy of the article, click here.  In the article, I discuss techniques and strategies for monitoring the status of applications, performing periodic reviews of them and making any necessary adjustments, and performing periodic review of competitor technologies and marketplace demands.

Making sure that your patent portfolio remains relevant and valuable takes time and effort.  It is critical to ensure that the business and the portfolio remain in synch with one another.  This process does not just happen by itself.  Someone needs to be tasked with interfacing between the business and IP legal groups to make sure their activities are coordinated.  Otherwise, precious IP budget resources may be wasted and produce little or no value for the organization.